Start Local

  • Getting to the root of any mission always starts right where you are, by addressing the need that is in your own neighborhood first, and then thinking more broadly about the larger global community.  At Altitude Water we are driven to create opportunities, share ideas, and develop innovations that help to solve collective challenges.  We want to empower the next generation of individuals to get involved and share their gifts, ideas, and passions with others to make the world a better place.
  • To begin the process, Altitude Water is establishing the Water Awareness Movement (WAM), a water consciousness initiative, to get schools, foundations, corporations, communities, etc., more involved in the understanding of water, it’s uses, it’s sustainability, it’s conservation, and it’s management.
  • To continue this effort, we have partnered with Altitude Academies School in Port Saint Lucie, Florida,  to develop programs/curriculums around the topics of Water, the Water Cycle, Clean Drinking Water for All, Water Sustainability & Conservation, with the idea of creating global citizens that are critical thinkers and innovators on the topic of water.

Think Global

“There is a worldwide drinking water problem and Altitude Water is positioned to help solve it, but we cannot do it alone.  With your help and support we can create more awareness about how the lack of clean drinking water affects all of us,  and work together to implement strategic paths to reach our goal – clean drinking water for all.”

To realize this objective, Altitude Water has been working to establish relationships and partnerships with people and organization here in the US and abroad that share the same water vision we do.  Take for example, the Noah’s Arc Foundation, founded by Cecilia Rodhe along side her son, Joakim Noah (Professional NBA basketball player), who have helped launch Altitude Water’s Water to Africa Initiative in Cameroon, as well as in Chicago, Illinois at a local community center for kids.  Through our Clean Drinking Water Program (CDWP), and with the help of our partners, Altitude Water is trying to build relationships around the world that will help guaranty the sustainability of clean drinking water for everyone.

Hydrate The World

Our plan to hydrate the world starts with local drinking water production and delivery; expands beyond community boundaries by word-of-mouth (at Altitude International subsidiary locations) facilitating the Water Awareness Movement (WAM); educates the next generation of students (Altitude School) on water, the water cycle, water protection, water uses like soil & hydroponic gardening, micro economics; and sustains accessibility to clean drinking water around the world.

Join the Water Awareness Movement (WAM) and spread the word about our global clean drinking water problem.