Leadership Team

Ambrose Szur

Ambrose Szur

Founded Drinkable Air, LLC back in 2008 with his son Jeffrey Szur and funded the original R & D process in Trinidad before bringing the manufacturing process back to the US.  Al is a serial entrepreneur and believes that water would be the next oil which has kept him involved in Altitude Water.

Todd Messina

Todd Messina

A US Marine Veteran (as is Al as they both serve in the Marine Corps League-Todd as Commandant) then retired from Exxon to focus on his other business ventures.  Todd and some of his investors, have helped fund Altitude Water as well as other business ventures in Louisiana.

Jeff Szur

Started in the AWG sector in 2008 as a founder of Drinkable Air, LLC, a distributor of the 1st generation U/V and Reverse Osmosis machines manufactured in China. In 2009 he developed the first ozone purification machine in Trinidad and brought the manufacturing process to the United States.

Alvaro DaSilva

Started building AWGs in 2007.  He later worked for Jeff at Drinkable Air and help build the 2nd generation patented ozone purification machines.  He left and joined Jeff and Blue Sky Strategy, LLC in 2019 when they formed Trident Water. He is an expert in the ozone purification and  helped design the external tank being purified by the machine for the military and Amy Grant’s Water Hub.

Jaymie Ditzler

Jaymie Ditzler

Licensed as a trained HVAC Technician with over 19 years in his field, Jaymie is familiar with all aspects of our units but concentrates more on improving the design and water producing capabilities.  Under his oversight, our AWG’s have increased water production by over 40% and are capable of operating more efficiently in a wider range of atmospheric conditions. He leads our support and training development and has traveled around the world to further educate individuals and organizations of our technology and to help make pure drinking water for each and every one a reality.

Minority Owners

Joakim Noah  | Product Spokesperson & Brand Advisor

Former NBA Star and current investor in Africa Basketball League as well as the founder of Noah’s Arc Foundation.  Joakim has Altitude Water AWGs operating in Cameroon and in his Country Club.  Joakim became an owner when Blue Sky Strategy purchased Altitude Water. 


DMPG was formed by two individuals that have been involved in our AWGs for the past 12 years.  The owners were an integral part in funding for the initial R&D and early production runs. They used this LLC to purchase the patent which they sold to Altitude Water in exchange for a 4% royalty on our wholesale prices.  In addition to investing in the development and having a passion for our products, DMPG developed an IP/Patent relationship with Shutts & Bowen Law Firm which will now work with Altitude Water.

Dr. Douglas Martin

World renown Neurosurgeon who invested over $400,000 in AWG development and patent and is currently developing a solid state AWG . 

Phil Gray

Largest franchise owner of McDonald’s in the Midwest region and long time supporter of AWGs. His contacts in the hospitality industry will be beneficial to our penetration in that industry.