Who We Are

Altitude International Holdings Inc. (OTC: “ALTD”) is the parent company of Altitude Water (FKA Trident Water), founded in the summer of 2019 by Greg Breunich, CEO of Altitude International and subsidiary Altitude Academies along with Scott Del Mastro and Gabe Jaramillo, who built CMA into one of the best multi-sport performance development facilities, training programs, and academic k-12 schools (fully accredited) in the world.

The initial Altitude Water project wanted to develop a program to hydrate the athletes at the academy using our Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG).  We wanted to produce pure water that the students could drink without fear of ingesting contaminants.  The initial success of that project resulted in the decision to open a water bottling facility in Port Saint Lucie, Florida (Altitude’s Corporate Offices location) and share the technology and drinking water with the local community.  We also wanted our water to be environmentally friendly, to taste great, be bottled in reusable and recyclable containers (they chose glass) and be healthy for people to drink.

Our hope was that the venture would become a showpiece for potential customers around the world to visit and learn about best water practices.  And what better place to come and see an operating water bottling facility (which proves the economics of our technology), then staying at beautiful Club Med Resort and Sandpiper Bay?

Water produced by a Altitude Water AWG is the best water on earth.  In most cases, is filtered city water processed in a manufacturing plant.  Other bottled water is produced from groundwater and there are no guarantees that it is truly pure and contaminant free.  The contaminants in tap and bottled water are never in Altitude’s water.  Again, Altitude Water is harvested from the humidity in the air and bottled in glass which is a far safer container than plastic. Our patented EnviroGuardtm (Ozone Generator) purification process assists the natural water cycle by infusing Ozone into the water that is produced from the humidity in the air.  After 20 mins, the ozone (O₃) then reverts into oxygen (O₂) adding additional oxygen into every glass you drink.   In our final step, we add the minerals calcium and magnesium to raise the pH (7.6 to 8.1 on average) and provide a great taste.  That’s why the company states:

“We make water with technology licensed from Mother Nature.”

We have worked with Ret. General Russell Honore (the General that took control at Katrina and now heads the Green Army in Louisiana), sponsored and presented at a Red Cross conference, and have spoken at Water forums throughout the US and Caribbean.  Altitude Academies’ owners have developed some of the best athletes in the world and have made hundreds of presentations across the globe detailing best teaching, coaching and training practice for developing high performers.  Mr. Breunich’s resume clearly shows that we know water, education, and athletics.  We hope to share our knowledge through service in our local community and then the world – one community at a time.

Through Altitude Academies (another subsidiary of Altitude International), we will also provide an educational platform.  Research shows the younger generation is more concerned with the condition of our planet, and are more willing to lend a hand in the fight to bring clean drinking water to the world.

We want to be more than a water bottling company – we want to teach sustainability, create local jobs, and help the community before, during or after potential natural disasters (as we witnessed in August 2019 with hurricane Dorian – it is clear that the need for clean drinking water is paramount everywhere).  Additionally, we plan on opening hydro cafés, providing alternate energy solutions, opening farmers markets, building greenhouses and creating a place in communities where people can come to learn about sustainability or just hang out and talk about the issues that we all face while enjoying the best tasting and most sustainable water in the world.