Who We Are


That’s how we move at Altitude Water.  There has been a core team at Altitude Water that is like family and we have welcomed some new great additions over the past 14 years (not at Altitude Water which is only been operating since 2019). The core foundation starts with the 4 of the pioneers of the AWG Industry- Ambrose (Al) Szur and his son Jeff, Alvaro Silva and Jaymie Ditzler.  14 years ago, they decided to develop a Made in the USA ozone purification AWG that was unique from the Reverse Osmosis/UV purification units in the market. Since the process is patented, it is still unique today. We have the only self-cleaning AWGs in the industry as well as developed the ability for the machine to purify a large external storage tank.

Altitude Water machines are manufactured in Lauderdale Lakes Florida with pride.  Our machines are being used by 4 branches of the US Military, provide water for Amy Grant’s Farm in Franklin, Tn for a camp with over 300 people, supply water for a sports academy in Port St. Lucie Florida with over 200 students, and being used by our Nonprofit partners (Aquavera, Jean-Felicien Gacha Foundation, and Noah’s Arc) in Africa as we develop a Water Hub for a village of approximately 1,000 people.

Some of the machines we built on our first production run 14 years ago are still in operation today (talk about durability).  We have also taken extensive customer feedback over these 14 years that our machines have improved with each upgrade. The maintenance is simple and the machine easy to operate.

We believe we were early. We believe a water education occurred in the 14 years we have been in business together.  We believe people have gotten tired of water issues- from polluted aquifers, (pharmaceuticals, hormones, lead, arsenic, and now PFAS chemicals) to municipal water issues (boil alerts, shutdowns, and natural disasters) to the plastic epidemic that occurred when people realized the water issues and made bottled water the number 1 beverage consumed in the world (let that sink in).

We believe we solve a huge problem.  We equate our machine to the microwave oven.  At first it was large, bulky and expensive and only used by the military.  After 25 years of upgrades and Sony making a smaller, easier to use, and less expensive did the technology take off. We believe that most houses in climates with steady humidity over 40% should have one of our machines- just like they have a microwave oven.

What’s in your water? If you had an Altitude Water machine, only what you want because you are making the water.

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