Disaster Relief Trailer for South Florida

Drinking Water is a basic necessity for life.  Here in South Florida we are especially vulnerable to Hurricanes and other weather threats.  Boil Water Notices are on the rise in every county in Florida and PFAS chemicals are in the Ground Water.
Mind Army and Altitude Water  are working together to build a Disaster Relief Trailer with a mobile water hub that can produce 200 gallons of water a day as well as supply solar energy and communications (Wi_Fi and Cellular) to the community after a disaster strikes.

The Problem

South Florida Disasters and Boil Alerts. 

While most of us focus on hurricanes, we forget the needs of the First Responders in something like the Surfside Collapse or just the residents during ever increasing boil alerts. 

We need a reliable, mobile supply of pure drinking water to react to these water issues in our community. We need to showcase to the world what one of our companies is doing in our backyard.

The Solution

Water Hub Trailer

The Disaster Relief Trailer will meet South Floridians’ needs in the following ways:

  • Relief during disasters
  • Support for Nonprofits that need water sponsors (5K Events for churches or Rotary Clubs)
  • Be on-site during boil alerts.
  • Events to raise funds or awareness for neighborhoods
  • Bring awareness to our sponsors

Program Managers


14-year experience building high quality Atmospheric Water Technology.  AWG’s currently in use by the U.S. Military. 

Developed charity programs with Amy Grant and Aquavera in Africa.

Project Management

We have developed projects in remote areas or far from our base.  The project management will be significantly less operating in our backyard.  We can focus more on the charitable aspect of the trailer as our costs will be significantly less.

Mind Army

A Nonprofit located in Delray FL focused on the pursuit of happiness. Zappy has determined that access to pure drinking water as a necessary component in that pursuit as has allocated a portion of Mind army’s resources to make that change 

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