Maui, Hi

Community of Lahaina Disaster Relief Trailer

When the wildfires broke out in Maui, our immediate concern was for Noah’s Arc Foundation, a partner organization with whom we have previously worked in Africa and Chicago. The family was vacationing on the island when the disaster struck, but thankfully everyone was safe. Cecilia and Paulo of Noah’s Arc immediately sprang into action to help.

Fortunately, we have boots on the ground with Noah’s Arc. We recently visited Maui and Oahu in January, met with State Senators, and introduced our product successfully to the people of Hawaii. We already had ongoing partnerships, including with the Na Mea Ike Ia Foundation, which has been active in Maui for 14 years.

The logistics of disaster response are challenging, but we have managed to raise funds, build the necessary machines and trailer, and are coordinating efforts to get them to the island to support first responders and rescue workers. We will provide regular updates on our website and be active on our social media pages, updating with daily pictures of our efforts.

With 14 years of experience, we’re confident that our beloved people of Lahaina will feel our contribution and the impact of our water generator machines.

Hydrate The World

Our plan to hydrate the world starts with local communities; expands beyond community boundaries by word-of-mouth (at other Altitude International subsidiary locations) facilitating the Water Awareness Movement (WAM); educates the next generation of students at affiliates schools, community centers, youth programs, etc.; and finally, sustains accessibility to clean drinking water around the world.

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