The Process

The Water Cycle

Precipitation, evaporation and condensation are the vital components of how water moves through the Earth’s water cycle, connecting the ocean, land, and atmosphere. We have the same amount of water on this earth as we did when the planet was formed but the unique qualities of water enable it to constantly cycle through it’s three forms, liquid, gas, and solid (Ice).

This is where Altitude gets it’s water from – “Condensation”
This is where most bottling companies get their water from.

The Technology

We manufacture some of the purest drinking water in the market using our Next Generation Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) that pulls water directly from the humidity in the air to create pure (distilled) water.

Trident Water Company - TWC - Water Processing Line Art Chart

The Purification

Our patented EnviroGuard (Ozone Generator) purification process assists the natural water cycle by infusing O₃ (Ozone) into the water that we produce from the humidity in the air which then reverts back into O₂ (oxygen) adding additional oxygen into every glass you drink.

The Filtration

Our unique mineral inducing filtration system allows for pH stabilization between 7.6 and 8.1, producing pure alkaline water

The Trident Water Company - TWC - A Waiter In A Restaurant Pours Fresh Water From A Bottle Into A