Noah's Country Club

  • In collaboration with Yannick Noah (former ATP Tennis Professional), and son, Joakim Noah (former NBA basketball player), Altitude Water launched the Water to Africa Initiative in Yaounde, Cameroon, location of the tennis and basketball programs at the Noah’s Country Club.
  • With the purchase of 4 Trident Series (T-12), Yannick and Joakim have taken the first step to bring clean drinking water into the African communities that they touch.
  • With a long-term plan of connecting communities around the world, Altitude Water, is working together with its network of partners, corporations, and community organizations, to start the conversation about water, and how to take care of it.

Hydrate The World

Our plan to hydrate the world starts with local communities; expands beyond community boundaries by word-of-mouth (at other Altitude International subsidiary locations) facilitating the Water Awareness Movement (WAM); educates the next generation of students at affiliates schools, community centers, youth programs, etc.; and finally, sustains accessibility to clean drinking water around the world.

Join the Water Awareness Movement (WAM)

By JOINING any one of our tours, programs or just hanging out at the Hydro Café makes you a member of our Water Awareness Movement (WAM) which helps spread the word about our global clean drinking water problem.