Altitude Academies

  • Altitude Academies, a multi-sport high-performance training program for aspiring athletes from around the world, hydrates with Altitude Water.  With elevated levels of oxygen (due to the patented ozone purification process), the high pH alkaline content, and the calcium and magnesium filtration system yielding a mineral rich and great tasting water, academy athletes have a unique advantage when it comes to staying hydrated.

The School

Club Med Academies School (the official school for Altitude Academies) is a fully accredited k-12 college preparatory program, and the first such institution to partner with Altitude Water, and be a part of the Water Awareness Movement (WAM).  By establishing this partnership, Altitude Water hopes to show the next generation of students how they can become part of the Clean Drinking Water Program (CDWP) and help to change the way the world views water, it’s uses, it’s sustainability, it’s conservation, and it’s management.

Hydrate The World

Our plan to hydrate the world starts with local drinking water production and delivery; expands beyond community boundaries by word-of-mouth (at Altitude International subsidiary locations) facilitating the Water Awareness Movement (WAM); educates the next generation of students (Altitude School) on water, the water cycle, water protection, water uses like soil & hydroponic gardening, micro economics; and sustains accessibility to clean drinking water around the world.

Join the Water Awareness Movement (WAM)

By JOINING any one of our tours, programs or just hanging out at the Hydro Café makes you a member of our Water Awareness Movement (WAM) which helps spread the word about our global clean drinking water problem.