Supporting the Community

  • Getting to the root of any mission always starts right where you are by addressing the need that is in your own neighborhood first and then thinking, more broadly, about the larger global community.  For us, home is the city of Port Saint Lucie, Florida and was the obvious choice of where to begin the Altitude Water journey.
  • At its roots, Altitude Water is dedicated to adding value to our community by producing the finest drinking water in the market right in our backyard and delivering it locally through our home and business delivery networks.
  • Plus our water is pure, healthy, tastes great, and is good for the environment – how can you beat that?

Think Global

“There is a worldwide drinking water problem and TWC is positioned to help solve it, but we cannot do it alone.  With your help and support we can create more awareness about how the lack of clean drinking water affects us all and implement paths to reach our goal – clean drinking water for all.”

Hydrate The World

Our plan to hydrate the world starts with local drinking water production and delivery; expands beyond community boundaries by word-of-mouth (at Altitude International subsidiary locations) facilitating the Water Awareness Movement (WAM); educates the next generation of students (Altitude School) on water, the water cycle, water protection, water uses like soil & hydroponic gardening, micro economics; and sustains accessibility to clean drinking water around the world.

Take a Tour

Stop by our water-producing facility and try a sample of our great tasting water.  You can set up your first delivery or just take a tour and see how the process works from water in the air to delivery at your house or business.

Water Production Tour

SEE how we produce the purest, best tasting water on the market using our Next Generation – Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) Technology, which maximizes the natural condensation process to generate water continuously from surrounding humidity in the air.

What is Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG)?

Atmospheric Water Generation is a process that extracts water from the humid ambient air that is all around us. This water, in vapor form, is extracted using the natural occurring process of condensation – when the temperature of the air cools and the relative humidity increases the surrounding air becomes saturated, the dew point is reached, and water is produced.  Unlike a dehumidifier, the AWG process is designed to render the water potable.

Our Water Production Line

AWG Machines -> Water Holding Tanks -> Bottling Line -> Bottle Cleaning Facility -> Distribution Center -> Delivery at your home or business.


Clean Energy Tour

BECOME the next generation of students to use renewable energy systems to produce the energy for today and tomorrow.

Hydro-Electric Energy

Solar Power

Wind Energy


Greenhouse & Gardening Tour

LEARN how we maximize our water production to grow food.

Watch how our students learn the process of growing their own food with the intent of helping others locally and around the world become self-sufficient and economically independent through community horticulture projects like ours.

We also use our pure water to feed our Soil and Hydroponic gardens located in our onsite Research & Development facility whose harvests will be available to the same local communities via over the counter purchases or as part of our Community Garden Plot Purchase programs a customer can purchase a soil or hydroponic plot and select what plant crop they want – fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, etc.


Community Garden Market - Coming 2020

PARTICIPATE in our Garden Plot (GP) program by leasing a small soil or hydroponic garden plot and selecting what plant crops you want to grow.  From planting to harvest you can be involved.

VISIT our Community Garden Market and sample some of the foods that are produced in our local gardens with our own water.


Hydro Café

GATHER at the gathering place where we tell our water stories, share ideas and solve problems together.  Oh yah, you can also just have a drink of some highly oxygenated alkaline water (TWC water pH ranges from 7.6 – 8.0).


Join the Water Awareness Movement (WAM)

By JOINING any one of our tours, programs or just hanging out at the Hydro Café makes you a member of our Water Awareness Movement (WAM) which helps spread the word about our global clean drinking water problem.