Aloha e ka Wai Maʻemaʻe
Say Aloha to Pure Water

Ola i ka Wai! There is life in the water![1] 

A modern solution is within our grasp to provide pure alkaline water with No Pipe and No Plug! This solution ensures that every household and every community can thrive with pure water in times of crisis or drought.

From the first ancient polynesians who settled Hawaiʻi, wai-water has shaped life in the islands. More than a “resource”, wai is sacred in the lens of the Kanaka Maoli-Native Hawaiians, it holds true today, Ola i ka Wai-There is life in the water.

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Red Hill Water Crisis

Our way of life, the sacredness of water, and the welfare of our land has been compromised. On the island of Oʻahu the Hālawa aquifer serving over 400,000 residents has been contaminated by toxic fuel and AAAF fire retardant spills at Red Hill. The crisis has impacted thousands of Naval housed families and put the greater community at risk. The island’s Board of Water Supply in response has shut off three of its wells indefinitely.[3] In addition, PFAS chemicals (highly toxic, cancer causing agents) found in the water had gone unreported for nearly a year by officials.[4] 

You can take action today to obtain and advocate our government for a proven solution that allows our aquifers to heal and replenish requiring No Pipe and No Plug!

This modern solution is already in use in North Carolina at the US Marine Corps facility at Camp Lejeune whose community faces the same crisis with PFAS chemicals in their drinking water!


Altitude AWG Advantages

Introducing Altitude Water’s atmospheric water generators.

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ozone purification – far superior to reverse osmosis
  • Large storage tanks
  • Low cost maintenance and filters.
  • Used by all branches of the United States Military
  • Used by high-performance athletics centers
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How AWGs Work

You can create pure drinking water out of thin air powered by the sun – literally. Our systems pull moisture out of the air, purify it with Ozone, and alkalize it to generate the world’s purest and best-tasting drinking water.

When powered through solar, the system provides a secure off grid solution that enables your family to always have access to clean, purified-alkaline water.

The cost for security and peace of mind? A simple $2500 down payment and $100 monthly fee for 15 months, plus shipping.

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    Looking for more than 12g per day?

    Our commercial machines offer up to 200g/day


    [1] “Ola i ka Hā” by Kumu Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett,