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One Community at a Time


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One Community at a Time.


Atmospheric Water Generators for home, office and commercial water applications – The worlds purest drinking water – Altitude Water

Our mission is to produce the planet’s purest drinking water by manufacturing next-generation Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) using proprietary technologies, including our patented Ozone purification system. We also focus on educating the public by creating sustainable water programs throughout the world.

The Altitude Water Purpose

On-Demand Water Systems With A Focus On:

  • Water – Addressing the overwhelming and immediate need for clean drinking water around the world
  • Environment – Protecting the planet by reducing the human footprint through education, planning and resource management
  • Community – Developing healthy, self-sustaining communities that are capable of functioning independently

The Water Crisis

The greatest problem facing our planet is the lack of fresh drinking water.

  • By 2025, 2/3 of the world’s population will lack proper access to clean drinking water. (WHO, UNICEF)
  • 884 million (approx. 1 in 8) people lack access to safe water supplies.
  • Every 40 seconds, a child dies from a water-related diseases.
  • More than 21-million Americans drink water that violates U.S. health standards.
  • Water borne diseases cause over 7-million illnesses, and over 6,600 deaths per year in the U.S. alone.

The Solution

The Purest Drinking Water

Our patented Atmospheric Water Generators harvest water from the air's humidity and sanitize it with our patented Ozone purification processes.


Join our movement of heightening awareness about water, it’s properties and best practices. Together, we can bring communities together in understanding how to cultivate long-term drinking water solutions.


Our water machines deliver water onsite, and with our reusable glass bottles, our systems allow for local access and delivery of the purest drinking water on earth.


Addressing the overwhelming and immediate need for clean drinking water around the world

Our patented technology helps solve the water crisis, one machine at a time.  Help us solve it in your community and around the world.  Join Us Today.


Protecting the world by shrinking the human footprint through education, planning and resource management

Join us in working together to manage our collective resources worldwide by rethinking the way we use water.  Join Us Today.


Developing healthy self-sustaining communities that are capable of functioning independently

By building strong relationships within our own communities and sharing ideas about the challenges we face, we can bring about the change we seek in the world.  Join Us Today.

Impacting the World Through Education

Sustainability begins with education and sharing ideas and innovations to solve collective challenges, and empowering people to get involved and share their gifts with others to make the world a better place.

To begin the process, Altitude Water is establishing the Water Awareness Movement (WAM), a water consciousness initiative, to get schools, foundations, corporations, communities, etc., more involved in the understanding of water, it’s uses, it’s sustainability, it’s conservation, and it’s management.

To continue this effort, we have partnered with Altitude Academies School in Port Saint Lucie, Florida (a fully accredited k-12 academic school, which is an affiliated Altitude International Holdings, Inc. subsidiary, like Altitude Water),  to develop programs/curriculums around the topics of Water, the Water Cycle, Clean Drinking Water for All, Water Sustainability & Conservation, with the idea of creating global citizens that are critical thinkers and innovators on the topic of water.

Get Involved
Start Local

Getting involved starts right where you are, in your own community. By learning about water, and what water needs your local community has, and the challenges it faces, makes you part of the solution, and a member of the Water Awareness Movement (WAM).  Sharing your stories with us will help foster even grater awareness and potential solutions for the challenges we all face.  Start by learning about the Water Cycle, and take it from there.

Think Global

On a global level, Altitude Water has been working to establish relationships and partnerships with people and organization here in the US and abroad that share the same water vision as we do.  Take for example, the Noah’s Arc Foundation, founded by Cecilia Rodhe along side her son, Joakim Noah (Professional NBA basketball player), who have helped launch Altitude Water’s Water to Africa Initiative in Cameroon, as well as in Chicago, Illinois at a local community center for kids.  Through our Clean Drinking Water Program (CDWP), and with the help of our partners, Altitude Water is trying to build relationships around the world that will help guaranty the sustainability of clean drinking water for everyone.