We no longer need help in funding this trailer as Mind Army received a donation to cover the cost and logistics of the trailer.  We are now in build mode.

This trailer will be state of the art and there is nothing like it.  It will not only provide water but these other needs in a Disaster situation:

  1. Electric- The trailer will have solar purchased from our new strategic partner New Use Energy. The design of the fold up panels should be completed shortly.  We will have enough Alternative Energy from the sun to run the water machine but also to charge phones.
  2. Communications- We added a communications tower that will enabler people access to Wi-Fi and cellular service if the disaster decimates those services (which we saw happen in Maui-see we learn)
  3. A small generator to charge batteries in case of lack of sun or to meet the need.
  4. Solar tents create energy and provide shelter to those getting water.

We have an aggressive timeline for completing the trailer.  We have shared a booth at the Disaster Relief Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center with NUE Use energy and hope to have it ready for a meet and greet.