The People of MAUI Need Your Help

They need clean water

After dedicating 14 years to the Atmospheric Water Generator Business, we have witnessed countless disasters that could have been better mitigated if more people had access to our product. Preparedness is often preached, but it’s during a disaster that everyone realizes the urgency of our water generator machines. When calamity strikes, the phone never stops ringing with requests for our product.

While every disaster is different, the logistics of disaster response is an uphill battle. The current shipping crisis brought about by COVID-19 exacerbates an already tricky process. It’s especially frustrating for us when we see our product can be of tremendous help if it were already part of a community’s preparedness process. Last year after Hurricane Ian, we had machines readily available to support relief efforts, but all our partners’ humanitarian organizations were expelled from the relief zone for not having the proper permits. Despite having a solution, we were powerless in implementing it to help.

However, this year is different. When the wildfires broke out in Maui, our immediate concern was for Noah’s Arc Foundation, a partner organization with whom we have previously worked in Africa and Chicago. The family was vacationing on the island when the disaster struck, but thankfully everyone was safe. Cecilia and Paulo of Noah’s Arc immediately sprang into action to help.

Fortunately, we have boots on the ground with Noah’s Arc. We recently visited Maui and Oahu in January, met with State Senators, and introduced our product successfully to the people of Hawaii. We already had ongoing partnerships, including with the Na Mea Ike Ia Foundation, which has been active in Maui for 14 years.

The logistics of disaster response are challenging, but we have managed to raise funds, build the necessary machines and trailer, and are coordinating efforts to get them to the island to support first responders and rescue workers. We will provide regular updates on our website and be active on our social media pages, updating with daily pictures of our efforts.

With 14 years of experience, we’re confident that our beloved people of Lahaina will feel our contribution and the impact of our water generator machines.

Let’s see what 14 years of experience can do to help our beloved people of Lahaina.

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