One down.  One to go.

When we took over Altitude Water in June one of our mission statements was to prove to the Disaster Community that our trailers fill a significant need in how Disaster Relief is handled.  We had previously built a disaster relief trailer and knew this piece of equipment would be an important aspect of our growth and the education on the abilities of our products.

It’s a difficult line.  We want everyone to be safe and have access to pure drinking water.  We don’t want disasters (Even though it is good for business-that’s a truth that’s tough to say but it is reality.  There is more interest in our products when a disaster hits.  We are reactionary by nature).  The fact is throughout history it is proven disasters will come.  Are we going to be prepared for it?

With the Maui trailer fully funded, it’s time to prepare on our home and educate our neighbors.

Altitude Water has compiled a very powerful, focused, and eclectic group of like-minded people to fund a Disaster Relief Trailer for South Florida.  Each partner brings a unique skill set and target market to get behind a single message. “We need to be prepared for the next disaster and bring access to pure water for our community. How do people not know this technology exists to secure their water source?”.

See effective charity is not just providing basic needs during a difficult time.  Effective charity meets a short-term need and fixes a long term problem.  Our team is embedded and active in our community bringing knowledge to numerous different visions.  But all have come together to agree that we need access to pure water during disasters and given the current world we live in.

Here is the team:

  1. Mind Army- This Nonprofit is dedicated to our ability to the pursuit of happiness and the founder Zappy Zappolin believes pure water is an integral part of that pursuit. Mind Army’s work has been featured recently in Forbes, and People Magazine, on Good Morning America, VICE, and TMZ.

Zappy has recruited numerous Companies and individuals to assist in this pursuit of providing a Disaster Relief Trailer for the people of South Florida so even in difficult situations they can have access to clean water

  1. SQZD Juice- This all-natural non-pasteurized juice bottler in Boynton Beach and now Delray is partnering with Altitude Water to bring bottling to Delray but also to set up programs to help fund the Disaster Relief Trailer. They have rallied their existing customers as well as new prospects of purchasing water with a portion of the proceeds going to support the trailer.
  2. Noah’s Arc They are committed to use their resources and experience from the Maui relief effort to help support the team in South Florida with logistics and contacts.
  3. ELVT Movement- This motivated team not only provides classes and retreats to strengthen the physical and spiritual aspects of our journey. They are committed to supporting the message through events and social media awareness.

They are numerous other business and like- minded-individuals looking to become Water Warriors and join this team dedicated to making a difference in our community and the world.  Won’t you join us?

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