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Update Monday August 28, 2023

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So with all of the activity regarding Nonprofits we believe it is important for transparency to give weekly updates on our projects and what the goals are to achieve.

Transparency is essential in keeping you up-to-date with our latest projects and goals. We want to recognize our suppliers who are lending a hand in our Disaster Relief Efforts.This will also enable us to mention and showcase various suppliers who are going the extra mile to support the Disaster relief Efforts.

Most are just doing it out of their hearts and not looking for recognition, but we think they should be recognized for their efforts.

Remember our foundational motto for these projects- #teamworkmakesthedreamwork.   Our team believes that teamwork makes the dream work! We’ve learned that in our 14 years of service.

One example of such generosity is Corey from Coco Markets who reached out to us without prompting.

“Hi-we’d like to make Altitude water a sponsor of  CocoMarket on 9/3 and make social media post about the trailer you are looking to build for Maui. Can you please give me a high- resolution logo and more information about the initiative?”

For three months, we’ve been involved with the Delray Community of Health and Wellness, and she wanted to make Altitude Water a sponsor of CocoMarket on September 3rd. Additionally, they wanted to make a social media post about our Maui trailer initiative and support us in any way possible. Their genuine act of kindness without expecting recognition deserves appreciation, and we thank them for it.

As an organization, we strive to contribute towards creating a better tomorrow, which includes environmental conservation. Through our efforts in water conservation and reducing plastic bottle waste, we work towards purifying the purest Altitude Water through our Atmospheric Water Generators.

Unprompted.  Didn’t need to call and ask.  She heard and reached out as they want to be part of the movement. Thank you, Corey and thank you Noah’s arc as I was able to tell her the Maui Trailer is fully funded and we are now working on a trailer closer to home- the South Florida Disaster Relief Trailer (I can’t wait to put a sponsor’s name on that). That got her even more excited. Us too!!

We are elated to unveil our grand strategy – to reinforce the Cajun Army. This transcendental idea of how God orchestrates events, we hold in high esteem. Awe-inspiring connections that came to life in 2008 are being rejuvenated, it’s nothing but divine intervention. The rejuvenation of a vital bond with the Cajun Navy was only attainable by venturing off to Maui.

This is very surreal and how we believe God is working in all of this.  Relationships we developed back in 2008 are being resurrected. Who needed to go to Maui to restablish a relationship with the Cajun Navy.

Altitude Water who has its roots in Denham Springs needed to go to Maui to reopen our history.  Our founders started in the AWG business there in 2008. Southern University did our first test on what is now the T-100 (called the Chameleon 60 then).

Here is a blog post from September 2011 (https://suagcenter.blogspot.com/2011/09/su-ag-center-researchers-evaluate.html) .  We have watched the Cajun Navy develop since Katrina into an International Disaster Relief organization. This journey gets more interesting every day but we mostly focus on helping meet the needs of Maui as quickly as possible.  These past relationships are helping make that happen.

So let’s start the update

  1. Noah’s Arc raised all of the funds in three days and will be released on Wednesday.
  2. Altitude Water already ordered the necessary parts and have begun the build. It is anticipated that it will be 10 days to complete and test. The T-200, 2 T-12 dispensers, and all of the hookups for the trailer will be manufacturer at the Altitude Factory. All of the upgrades that were implemented during the testing for Maka project are being incorporated in this system.
  3. New panels have been punched and at Powder Coater.
  4. The plan is to fly the machine down commercially or privately (working on that now). The trailer, tanks, and generator are all being sourced and purchased on Maui.
  5. Our team (owners Alvaro and Jaymie) will fly down to construct the trailer. We anticipate three days for the trailer to be complete.
  6. The assembly team will return to the factory and pass the training and deployment team in the sky as they will arrive on island from Altitude to train Na Mea Ike Ia and Noah’s Arc team as well as Cajun Navy to use the trailer and will meet with other disaster relief teams as well as State Representatives.

While Altitude Water is a vendor and selling the trailer for the disaster relief efforts, Altitude Water has agreed to donate the funds for all travel of the teams to and from Maui as well as all of the time for training an on-site installation for this project.  It is our donation to the cause.

Through our efforts in water conservation and reducing plastic bottle waste, we work towards purifying the purest Altitude Water through our Atmospheric Water Generators.

We are building the team every day.  People are offering to assist in social media posts, design work, messaging.

We also have been able to order the cases for the second disaster relief trailer we are building for our yet unnamed sponsor in South Florida.

Let’s work together towards a brighter future. Stay tuned.