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For A Time Such As This

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 Wow. A Sunday to wash the truck and catch up with all of the paperwork that has piled up after our trips. It’s also a time to update everyone on the progress Altitude Water has made in the last month. This update will incorporate pictures of the different projects we have been involved with. 

The title relates to a Bible quote from Esther (4:14) It really seems to relate to what has occurred with Altitude Water. With over 14 years’ experience in the AWG industry, it just feels that our experience was developed for a time such as this: 

 A time when…. 

  1.  There have been incredible advances in Alternate Energy technology which strengthens the argument for using our technology. As our Water Queen Cecilia Rodhe says, “No Pipe No Plug” Boom Water 
  2. The public is educated to the risk of pollutants in our groundwater and aquifers. 
  3. There is extensive money available for rebuilds that use “Green Technology” with the Build Back Better program.  
  4. There is a need to build back in Hawaii 
  5. The relationships we have invested in regarding people and distributors are properly situated in area of recent disasters (Maui and Louisianna- not to mention Delray Beach just has a boil water alert. 
  6. The advances we have made with our technology have made our machines the Best in Show and better for integration with Alternate Energy. 
  7. New products that use our “purification technology” that have a need for larger quantities of water. 

 Here is an overview of the past month. Yes, it was packed full of trips and projects. Honestly felt like three months looking back and all we accomplished. 

Nashvile Trip-October 4-8, 2023 

Amy Grant – Barefoot Republic.

The Nonprofit Camp that does Barefoot at the Farm every summer held its Annual Fundraiser at Amy’s Farm. This is a time that the farm closes down for winter (less events and it gets cold where the T150 is not efficient for making water so we winterize it). Our distributor Russel Yarema usually does this event but this year his back would not permit the trip (feel better Russell) so our COO went.

We love to support this camp in both time and as well as financially when we are able. This was one of those years where we believed it was important to fund the mission. 

We winterized the machine and met with Dan and Matt (Amy’s son) on the purification box Alvaro developed. Dan is building a house on the farm and may use the purification box to help keep his water safe. 

We got to watch Amy perform her new song, “Trees We’ll Never See”.  What a blessing. Love this song. See attached videos of our COO enjoying the live performance. What a blessing. 

Phil Gray

Phil Gray meeting- Our COO got to spend a day with the Gray family and see the new building they just completed and plan the future growth of Altitude Water. We would like to personally thank the whole Gray Family for their belief in our technology and being excited over what is going on at Altitude. 

Celebrated Founders Day with them at their McDonalds and see the finished product of Phil’s Legacy Building (what we call it. No one builds like this anymore) 

Discussed a Disaster Relief Trailer for Nashville and other patent issues. It was a celebration of what we achieved and planning for the next stage of growth and Altitude Water needs. Stay tuned. 

Hawaii Trip- October 9-23, 2023 

Wow just wow. Remember before the Nashville Trip we were preparing the T300 (previously the T200 but after upgrades and testing we changed the name to better reflect water production with the same electrical draw) for shipment to Maui. After difficult circumstances the machines landed on October 5th and Alvaro flew back from Italy to make the flight on Monday for Maui. 

Noah’s Arc

Noah’s Arc greeted us and the Noah family and the guys went to the Church to stay and work on the trailer and the machines and Ceclia and our COO went to educate and help. 

Disaster Relief Trailer

Building the trailer came with new challenges as the trailers and water tankswere all gone on the island. Pastor Corey from Maui Church of Christ foundus one and the guys extended trip to 8 days to get the final trailer complete.The trailer that was donated (such blessings) did not have wood and below isthe transformation to the completed product with the purification box thatcan purify 1,000 gallons of water in additional storage tanks included eventhough it was not budgeted (more blessings this time from Altitude as well asthe added week of expenses).

During this build-there were many humanitarian excursions from Noah’s Arc and Altitude Water and evaluation of the need for the water-the guys took their only day off on Sunday to set up a solar R/O system donated by Stable Road Foundation (a donor for the Disaster Relief/Water for the World trailer), we delivered water filters to hubs and helped build the structure for the solar panels for Footprintproject.org donated solar grid. John Hart also donated his time and Pastor Corey was their but all in videos. 

At the RO project with Noah’s Arc and Stable Road Foundation we also weeded Taro ponds and build a rock wall to dam up the river and create a swimming hole for the kids. This area gets water diverted and needs Water Buffalos delivered for water. 


Another example of “for a time such as this” Altitude Water received an order on-line before leaving for New Orleans. It was purchased by Footprintproject.org who was providing solar grids for Disaster Relief. We have been looking for a partner like this. 

We also found out they would be in Maui at the same time and we could meet and look at places for collaboration. They have 18 systems installed on the island and we assisted in the start up at one of them 

Schools and Sustainability Projects

Both Noah’s Arc and Altitude Water met at various locations that could benefit from our technology. Kula elementary currently is trucking in pallets of bottled water and Eddie Rodriguez’s sustainability project for tiny houses looks like perfect locations. A T300 saves 11,200 plastic bottles a week. 

While down to work on humanitarian efforts Jaymie got a call from the DOD on the machine in Oahu and it being moved to a different base on Oahu for  testing. We delivered filters and upgraded the software and assisted with the testing. 

God Stories and things that make what we do and work so hard worth it. 

Donny volunteered from Pittsburg cut fire breaks for 2 weeks and asked for a break. He chooses to sift through the ashes for wedding rings. After 6 hours boom. 

Kids at the Art Therapy Class talked about fear and drew pictures of fears they have overcome. 

Our COO got to preach at Maui Church of Christ. 

We received huge donations from people or groups that wish to be anonymous but helped because they believe in our technology. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Getting paid for volunteer work in fresh fruit- we love this 

Corporate Recap

October 23-29th– October isn’t over! Our COO is back on the road tomorrow heading to New Orleans delivering a T150 and a T12 to Footprintproject.org (Russell is making this trip and also setting up meetings in Municipalities), the COO is currently testing our T150 with new technology on it as he writes this update, the T12 line is cranking out machines and we rehired one of our great assemblers, we are building new production lines in the new warehouse, we are negotiating and going through the DD process with an investment banking firm, we are raising some bridge money from individual investors/friends of the company, building the T300 for the Cameroon and Maka project, and finally looking for new employees: Assemblers and HVAC techs 

  1. Project manager/Administrative Assistant 
  2. Part time- social media coordinator. 


We are looking forward to November and heading back to Hawaii. Don’t forget the Maka project as we did in the update. The shelter has been designed by Jean Felicien Gacha, cases for T300 have been redesigned to incorporate the new technology for solar and to speak with the batteries for power, D/C compressors are next. Look at the board for the T300 now that the redesign has been completed. 

The military was blown away as their machine was one of the first T200s and we have done ALL of the upgrades in the old case design causing us to do some not so pretty wiring. We are ready now for “Such a time as this”.