Disaster Relief

Building the Foundation on a Rock

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We accomplished a lot on this trip and completed the Noah’s Arc Disaster Relief Trailer.  It’s first event was at Harvestfest at Kula Elementary on Saturday November 18, 2023 to great reviews.  It was even requested to stay for the short Thanksgiving week to provide water and education to the kids as well as be available for the Community Meeting with FEMA and Army Corp of Engineers (we did live feeds from those events).

During operations at the school, we produced over 160 gallons of water in an 11-hour period with the temperature hovering around 60 degrees all night but 70%-100% RH (yes it rained some that night).  That equates to 349 gallons in a 24-hour period.  This was accomplished at approximately 6 gallons of diesel or $30 (diesel is expensive in Maui) for a cost of $.1875/gallon. Again, the results of this test were live fed on FB and stored on the drive.

I. Maui Trip- Nov 15-29- Here are the things we accomplished.

  1. Replace water tank on Disaster Relief Trailer (DRT)
  2. Installed Generator.
  3. Got lights and brakes on trailer.
  4. Hooked up the PsS 10565 (our newest product- the Ozone Purification Box) to the water system on OW Ranch and the 250-gallon tank. (videos available- did not take a picture)
  5. Deliver DRT unit to Kula

Trailer with old tank and No Generator

Moving Friday night to Kula Elementary

Ready for Harvestfest

This was all accomplished Thur/Fri, November 16-17

  1. Harvestfest on Saturday and additional testing at Kula Sunday-Wed.
  1. Mon-Wed dispense water to kids and teach on water.
  2. Numerous other meetings with people provided from OW Ranch- Ryan (Generator), Charlie (Electrician), James (Trailer expert)
  3. Meetings with:
    1. Pastor Corey on distribution and solar trailers- he is on board.
    2. Marv- He built the trailer the DRT is on and the second solar trailer in progress.
    3. Donny- Building Tiny Houses

This was accomplished Sat-Thursday (Thanksgiving)

  1. We visited numerous sites that need electricity and water and met with the nonprofits and operators. All want more info on the Solar/Water trailer. Some are waiting on the grants to be approved for Footprintproject.org and the 10 T12s and 4 T150s they submitted. Pastor Corey installed solar panels and a Tesla Wall
  2. Built prototype and painted 1st solar trailer.
    1. 16 panels
    2. 6 kWh
    3. Comes with either 1 T150 or 3 T12s.
  1. Handed off all parts and manuals to Noah’s Arc
  2. Developed presentation for Hubs and shelters we visited.
  3. Followed up with all potential distributors.

II. Ecuador – In all of the excitement of our first DRT hitting the road we ignored everything going on in Ecuador.

We are drawing up documents to make NUBIOS E.C. our exclusive distributor in Ecuador.   Carlos from EyC our metal fabricator bought three (3) T12 machines and traveled to Ecuador to set up distribution.  Here is what he accomplished:

  1. Got the Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil (https://www.ucsg.edu.ec/) to run tests on the T12- The water production came back higher then we represent in our owners manual. We now have the third party data of testing of our T12.
  1. Set up presentations with a staff of PHD’s responsible for different aspects of the Universidad.
  2. Developing water hubs for implementation at the school and completing a 3D rendition of it.
  3. Purchasing 2 T-150s and 4 T12s with dispensing

III. South Florida DRT- Working with Mind Army on 2nd

  1. Building the T300 now with one for Maka project

IV.Additional work being done

After meeting with the homeless shelter across from the airport on Hana Highway Pastor Corey installed a Tesla solar wall to power their Medical Trailer. He reviewed Altitude’s report and suggestions on water with the Operations manager on the site and they are excited to work with us. The medical trailer is running 100% on solar and we are working with the company to include AWGs in the trailers.