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What a Difference a Year Makes

By January 22, 2024 No Comments

This time last year there was a cloud of fear of the unknown hovering Altitude Water.

What was going to happen to us when our parent company Altitude International Holdings was in financial difficulty.

They had attempted to purchase the Club Med Property in Port St. Lucie and were notified they were in default of a loan on which Altitude Water was collateral. Not only were we not being funded properly, but now we didn’t know who would own the company.

While stressful for management, it also took its toll on employees. In a manufacturing facility, it is soon obvious when funding stops. Buying parts and production halts. While we had enough parts to start building the T12s, we lacked cases. Reading the SEC filings of the public company, we know there was trouble.

Then everything changed. And now that’s all behind us as we start 2024 with self-confidence, exhilaration and a renewed spirit of growth. We also start with two of our longest-serving employees now becoming owners. So, we would first like to thank Alvaro DaSilva and Jaymie Ditzler for all their hard work in building the BEST AWG on the market. And we congratulate them on becoming what they’ve earned the right to become—owners!

As 2024 starts we have excitement and anticipation that all our hard work will yield huge benefits for our team and investors. We have numerous projects in various stages, but most of the testing is complete. We have completed upgrades, have machines making more water than ever before, joined forces with new Nonprofits, and added new products to our arsenal. Here is a quick recap of the areas on which we will focus our efforts and the projects they entail.

  1. Hawaii- We developed for Noah’s Arc a Disaster Relief Trailer that is in operation in Maui which is providing water to those displaced by the wildfires. It is currently located at a homeless center in Kuhului providing water for the staff and residents in addition to having tanks filled and driven to Lahaina.
    1. Returning to Maui at the end of January 2023 to work on a solar/water trailer currently being built there.
    2. Attending a FootprintProject.Org event on Oahu
    3. Meeting with other Non-profits who need water in their project. The State of Hawaii is not granting new water use permits so new construction will be looking at AWGs as a solution.
  2. Maka Project Cameroon- This project is moving along nicely, and we are scheduled to ship the first unit Feb 1.
    1. The Groundbreaking ceremony was completed, and the Water Hub is being built by Jean-Felicien Gacha Foundation who is also using this project to train villagers on construction skills.
    2. The solar bid was put out for the project, and we were pleased that African Solar won the bid as we having been working with them since our first visit to Cameroon in April 2022.
  1. New Products going on website- Altitude Water will be releasing three new products on the website starting in January:
    1. The first will be a solar generator and panels to run the T-12 off grid. We will be bundling these with our units for bigger discounts.
    1. The PsS10565A purification box was designed and built by purification specialist Alvaro DaSilva. This product is now completed after successful testing and upgrades to the PLC Board for greater flexibility. Will be on the website soon.
    1. Disaster Relief Solar/Water trailer- The specs are being completed and built and should be ready for posting soon.
  1. Ecuador- Our distributor Nubios has completed the testing of the T-12 with the Universidad de Catolica Guayaquil and are completing the design for installing a Water Hub on one of the buildings. A demonstration video has been completed on the project.
    1. 1 T-100 will sit on the roof.
    2. 1 PsS10565A purification box will be on the roof.
    3. 3 T-12 Dispensers will be at the entrance to the building on the ground floor.
  2. Strategic working relationship with FootprintProject.org – (FPP) We have been blessed to continue working with this Nonprofit and developing a resilient and sustainable package for Disasters and water security.
    1. We picked up two trailers for FootprintProject.org to donate to the cause and to work on integrating our water machines. In dealing with Nonprofits it’s all hands on deck and we help where we can.
      1. We sent one of our workers in Louisianna to Willie Nelson’s Farm to pick up a solar trailer that was used at a festival.
      2. Picked up a solar trailer that was used after Hurricane Idilia in Florida outside Tampa
    1. Visited Audubon Gentilly Charter School where FPP is implementing its Beehive concept which we think is everything that you could ask for and will soon be adding water to this project.

There is so much more but time is a valuable commodity right now with everything going on. Many more updates will be coming soon as well as radio interviews, new customers, and the unveiling of the Solar/Water Trailer and a new way to handle disasters. We will be active in recruiting Water Warriors to our team. We will integrate them into some of our projects. Some will be volunteers, and others will be paying jobs. Stay tuned and we would like to thank you and God for helping us through 2023 and having the company now in the charge of its rightful owners.